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Don't know if anyone cares...
But in case you do, here are all the old updates that got kicked off the main page:


Clock is an elemental. Happy Solstice!


Question! Would you all rather see a printed collection of old Tile strips, or an entirely new story for print? (Actually, I say "new" but the first one I have planned is actually an old story that we lost: how Tile got her wings back from the Space Hippos.)


You may have been wondering why the stars are never in the same place panel to panel. This is because stars give off a lot of light, and light, as we know, is the fastest thing in the universe. So they move around a lot.


Ten points to whoever knows why the box's fwoosh is purple. There are two correct answers.


You may also ask why space is so white anyway. This is because in Tile, the spectrum of visible light is much broader, so all the stars that would normally be too dimly red-shifted for us to see, and into the infrared, show up as white.


You may ask how Tile is able to use wings to fly in space, what with no air for them to move through. The answer: Photons!


Hey, look at me! I put up more obvious links to Ghost Castle and Eris and Itzal. Ghost Castle is the 24 page comic now updating on weekdays. Eris and Itzal is my brand new webcomic that updates Saturdays.


I expect I will tell City's story one day. In book form. Which makes two Tile comic books I'm due to draw.


Hey, so, I'm going to start updating 5 days a week again. Because Tile deserves it.


Tile got reviewed on Strange Horizons! :o

Also, I'm really sorry about the talking banner ads... not really anything I can do about it.


For the next 24 days I'll be posting a page a day of my 24 Hour Comic here, as I finish them.


So I attempted a 24 Hour Comic this weekend. Fun, and an ordeal, as usual, but I didn't finish this time. When I do, I'll post it somewhere for you to see. :)




Don't forget what tomorrow is!


Let's try MWF updates to start with to get into the groove.


Sorry, sorry... Update tomorrow for sure.


Still trying to find the perfect pen...


There is now an archive page! To better facilitate your browsing of old comics.


Happy June! Go eat s'mores!


Three-Armed Joe and Candeh will not appear in Tile again. As their real-life counterparts are no more.


Sorry about that. We'll update tomorrow to make up for it. :)


Yup... you guessed it.


Comicgenesis is backed up. See the new comic here.
If the queue continues to be backed up, keep looking there for the new ones.


It's technically still Friday... Sorry the update was so late... Well, Happy May!


Ta da! There's now a small amount of Project Wonderful ad space. And I also changed the vote image so it will change when there's a new incentive and I won't have to announce it every time.


I painted a picture of Tile! You can see it if you vote!


Vote to see a colored sketch of the main character of Anachronistic.


Speaking of Tile flying, I got a new fanart from Chucky! It's pretty sweet and I'll add it to the fanarts soon.


There are now more navigation features! You can jump to a storyline, jump to a random comic, or search for something within all the comics. You can also VOTE for Tile to see an extra image.


Ta da!


So we are updating, but I can't promise a strict schedule at the moment, since I don't really have Internet at home. Though in case you didn't know, Tile does have a rudimentary RSS feed here. And I will update as often as I can.


Happy March! I'd also like to point you to the Quest for Purple Button. A minicomic which will be readable online for a limited time.


Sorry... no new comics today and Friday. Due to Thanksgiving, and being unsure where Tile's going with that catfish.




Giving people cupcakes seems to be a recurring theme...


Happy Halloween!


Yup! I'm excited.

And wow, I was looking through the archives on a different computer today and a lot of the old comics were really poor quality. So if you've had that problem.. I'm really sorry, and I'll see what I can do.


And we're back! Really!


Happy June!


Ooh, Tile had another birthday yesterday... It'd be more impressive if I was better at updating... But you can expect a comic on Monday finally!


It updates! XD


Nope! ^^ We'd seen the egg house a couple times since then. Last time we really saw it, she was having a picnic on the roof[1], but she could have been at least near it since then and we didn't see it since it was...invisible.. but certainly no sooner than a little over a year ago when she found a computer. [2]


Haha. Been a long time since Tile was home.. O_o


Gah. I fail at Wednesdays, and then totally forgot about drawing Tile last night. Monday! There will be something!


Um, happy April!


Gah! More ninjas!


It has come to my attention that comicgenesis has been glitchy lately. So if the comic is supposed to have updated and it apparently hasn't, try refreshing the page.


I took the 24 Hour Comic out of the archives. But I put it here for you! Ask and ye shall receive. ^^


Heehee. Mizbls.. ^^


Sigh... And Tile once again betrays me.. Ah well. Happy March!


Plot? I don't think you have to worry about that Kaloo. Tile's attention span is way too short. I don't deny that things from the past make subsequent appearances sometimes, but I hope that Tile makes little enough sense as it is, that this won't be too much of an issue. In any case, I'm going to work on Tile this weekend, and get my buffer back. :)


Sorry the comic's late. I wasn't sure how exactly we were going to get out of the shadow world. But then I realized we could open up the back of the comic. Remember?


Oh noes!


Um, momentary lapse in the recent reliable updating... There will be comic on Monday, no worries.


Bwahaha! There are finally pirate t-shirts in the store!


Okay okay. Let's really do this. MWF.


I'm sorry... There will be something tomorrow. And Wednesday.


I apologize for lateness...


Back to four panels? Maybe. Who knows? Hey clockworksquirrel... Full resolution? I'm working on coloring it too ^^


We have Lord Knight Skeletons t-shirts in the store now! With the design coming on black and other colors very soon! Like, tomorrow.


We'll start out with updates 3 times a week. MWF. :)


So I predict Tile proper will return on the 19th. And I'll see if I can give you a few more fun things in the meantime. Is anyone interested in seeing the recent 24 hour comic?


Oh, by the way. I did another 24 hour comic a couple weeks ago. I don't feel like it's any better than last year's though. It makes even less sense, and has a no less anti-climactic ending. On the plus side, hanging out and drawing comics with a bunch of people for 24 hours was still lots of fun, and I did a way better job of taking care of my hand.


Hmm, who did rescue me? Good question... It sure wasn't Torben. Tile isn't quite ready to come back, but stay tuned for a three page story featuring this Torben person. Starting Nov 1.


So... I'm not dead or anything, just reluctant to admit that Tile's not about to update.. So I've decided to put up the 24 hour comic that put my hand out of commission for a week last year. A total of 24 pages that will update 5 days a week, and then we'll see what Tile is up to.


Oops. I was totally wrong about when I'd be back. July 2nd is a good day.


Aah, sorry.. I'm away this week. But I'll work on Tile while I'm gone so we can hopefully come back with more reliable updates. June 29.


There shall be updates! Tomorrow!!


Oh noez!


Happy Birthday Tile.

I am working on some other projects that aren't quite as silly as Tile, though nothing I'd really call serious ^^ (save for the more vague and distant things I'd like to do in the future). Most of these aren't webcomics though. But I've never truly given up on the idea of restarting the comic I abandoned a couple years ago. :)


Rats. Someone sent me an email about Tile's birthday, but it ended up in the Spam folder, and I only saw it after I hit the "Delete Forever" button. >.< Any chance of sending it again?


Oh right, webcomic... Sorry. We'll be back June 4th. And it may be different... but hopefully awesome.


Oh, good news! I know where Tile is.




Yay! The store is no longer brokey.


Oh my gosh! I finally got around to making t-shirt designs! We have Ninja Tile, and Tile flying.


Oh my gosh. I might have a new favorite animal. The mantis shrimp is just so cool.


It's not Argon Day anymore.


It's Argon Day!


Merry Christmas!


Whee! I drew some Tile-esque characters on the back of my notebook, but they want their own story. :) Here.


Yay Tile!


Kudos if you knew what the lie was yesterday (and why). :)


That's a lie of course...


Oh what a week... But anyway. I need to work on making Tile not just this chore I have to do before I can go to bed.


Gah, black swirlies take so long to draw. @.@ About time to break out a new pen.




Aw, I was doing so well with the updating everyday, but sick body said "No Tile! You bed now!" And then I was only feeling worse yesterday, and spent the whole day in bed watching Justice League. With any luck I'll be more better today, since I really can't afford to spend another day doing nothing.

Also, yes, I broke the rule about having words in every panel back in December. If you'll go back some you'll see several strips lacking words.


It's Ninja vs. Pirate Day. Can you guess which side I'm on? Here's a hint.


Ooh. That would be what's behind the comic.


You know, I like to think that Tile is in color. Like all the time, it always has been. Just that most things in Tile's world don't have color.


Be happy there's a comic today! There was a pretty serious blackout here for awhile.


It's good to be back. It really is. Need to remember that too.


I have no excuse for not being able to update Tile. I just need to remember that.


Today's picture brought to you by my Secret Santa. :)


We're taking a short break for the holidays, and will be back some time next week. :) Happy Winter!


If you're trying to figure out the secret coded note and need a little help, here's what I'll give you.


Hmm. I hope it's not impossible, but if it was too easy it wouldn't be very secret.


Alrighty. We'll definitely update Monday. Thank you for your patience and support. :)


I wonder sometimes if I have lost my interest in Tile... This may be.. but I think it more likely I have simply lost my focus...




I broke one of my rules. And thus it is no more. Haha.


Oh strange and wonky scanner, I don't understand you. But hey look! I drew something! It's even all that I said it would be except for today not being Monday.


I'm sorry. But I promised the next comic would be awesome, and if I had tried to draw it last night, it wouldn't have been. I have strong intentions of being very productive in the coming weeks, but I have not yet escaped my gumption trap.


The answer is b.


Well. Tile is trapped in a triangle and I'm going away for the weekend. But I shall work on devising a cunning scheme to get her out by Monday. Will Tile get out of the triangle? Are the Oalla people truly safe? What's with that mongoose anyway? Find out on Monday, with the action packed climactic comic episode that will change the world. Maybe.


Alrighty. We're back, but Tile seems to have found herself on the wrong piece of paper. Plus my lame attempt at drawing a mongoose. But there was one there, so I had to draw it.


Here's the comic with Joe and Candeh that I've been working on.


And now there actually is not a new comic.. I hate writing comics when I'm tired and just want to go to bed. I feel like they're not very good, and the story makes even less sense than usual. Need to work on not procrastinating so much..


Dun dun dun. There almost wasn't a new comic today, but I defeated my laziness. Ha HA! Take that, Laziness!


Why is it purple? It's not. It's blue. But today's my birthday and purple's my favorite color. ^^


Cleaned my desk and found my pen. :D And there will also be a comic tomorrow. (Because I want to, and also to make up for Tuesday. ^^)


My pen is still missing. :( This is a nicer pen and I don't like using it for Tile. I'll probably go get a new pen... And no, you have not seen Candeh before. Though you have seen his grumpy buddy, Three-Armed Joe. This is them. I'm going to do a minicomic about them actually. :)


I still couldn't find my pen, so I used a different one. Candeh also has no reflection. We held a mirror up to him and couldn't see one.


There is not a new comic today because I couldn't find my pencil and pen. Lame excuse but I'm not happy and I have to write an essay. Grr. Hate writing papers. Hate it hate it hate it hate it.


Woo. Sorry. It's been awhile. Got all out of habit. There's also a new fanart on the extras page. Happy November! :)


Slackers probably shouldn't make webcomics... Keep checking, we'll be back soon. I promise.


What can I say? Midterms, homework, projects. Tile will be back soon (tomorrow), and here's a comic I did the other day.


So much homework. @.@ Managed to find time for Tile last night.


This will be the last day of filler, and Tile proper will return Monday. Thank you all for bearing with me and my injured hand this week. :)


Today's strip is by Wayne Myers over at Fit and the Conniptions (like it says there under the comic).


So today we have a guest strip, kindly sent in by Steve from the International Hope Foundation.


I think I'm going to take a break from drawing Tile until my hand is feeling better, which will hopefully be soon. :( I don't want to have to keep doing comics like yesterday's. Do you want me to put up other unrelated pictures in the meantime?


Whee! 24 Hour Comics Day was lots of fun. I did a comic about a one-eyed pirate captain and her friend Odo. I'll scan it and stuff when I get a chance. Main point being that my hand still hurts. So that's why Tile does not at least appear in that last panel, and why I only drew that cirle once.


Guess what I'm doing this weekend! A 24-hour comic. Exciting. Maybe I'll show you all if it turns out halfway decent. :)


Doh! Totally forgot to draw Tile last night. But there will be comics Friday and Saturday.


Wh-ZAH! (Because that's the official ninja noise.)


Uh, new schedule starts next week. I was having way too much fun inking this other comic for class, and now my hand really hurts. >.<


Look, I got a haircut yesterday! It makes me happy. ^^ And I think I'll try updating 6 days a week. Monday through Saturday.


I like Tile. I don't think there are any Tile comics I especially dislike. And I have started working on a whole separate comic book adventure for Tile in my spare time. ^^


Oh maybe not, nevermind. :S Back at school now, and didn't realize it wasn't going to work to wait until right before I go to bed to draw comics here. A bad habit I developed over the summer. So we'll see if I can get used to drawing them earlier. :)


Look a haiku! And a heads up, there won't be new comics this weekend, but I'll see you on Monday. :)


That was the magic thank you rock yesterday, in case you forgot about it. And here's the shady-ful version of the picture I showed you the other day. :)


This is what I did last night instead of drawing Tile.


Yay! The one hundredth Tile comic! And now you finally know what lives underneath it!


No new comic today, too tired. And I want to be able to make the next one spiffy since it will be the hundredth comic. So tomorrow.


Update 3 days then skip 2? Sorry, I'll be better. I promise.


Oops. No comics again. Don't hate me. But expect comics this weekend to make up for it (and see I still didn't lie before- new comics on the 14th, 5 days a week, just not the days you expected :P). With special guest star, Color!


And back. New comics now!


Okay, sorry, I've been slacking... And then I'm going out of town for a while. We'll be back for sure August 14, at least 5 days a week. But hey! It's a ghost party! And check out the extras page to see the new fan comic. :)


Enjoying my little break, I have decided that you shouldn't expect updates on weekends anymore. :P Monday through Friday then.


You may have noticed the lack of new comics. I have no good excuse, but I'll try and get something up tomorrow. In the meantime, the finished pageant pictures are on the extras page, and I have a picture of a grumpy guy with a lollipop for you.


Oh, the magic thank you rock. Relic of 7th grade PE. ^^ And okay, I'll start working on shading the pageant pictures and other cool stuff. I'll put the finished pictures on the extras page.


Ta da! More stuff on the website! Look, there are links under the banner. And also this box. Was thinking of maybe getting a store. What types of things would people like to see?

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